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"Just ask for help" isn't enough. Where you look matters.

Psychiatrist? Psychologist? Counsellor? Which should you see?
Where do you find the right one? How do you get the help you actually need?

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  • How to find what you need and avoid what you don't
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  • Your role in boosting treatment success
I'm Dr. Pauline Lysak, a psychiatrist in Victoria, BC

I built this site to share information about mental health care in BC. My main goal is to assist the many people I can't help individually in my medical practice. Most of what's here is absolutely free, including an eight-hour course (Mental Health 201) I offer. There will be a few resources (e.g., books, courses) where there is a small fee to offset the costs of producing them (e.g., Mental Health 101).

Why do I need your name and email? The PDF guide you'll download covers the "what, where, how much, why, why not" of a wide range of mental health professionals and resources in BC. Over the next several days, I'll send you further emails covering the remainder of the topics above—and a few more. You can unsubscribe at any time. Your information is not shared with anyone else (see privacy policy for more).